When it comes to laying new pipes in your yard for your home, traditional methods can cause a lot of disturbance to your yard. However, a newer method that many companies are now utilizing is pipe bursting—this a great way to have new pipes in place without destroying your property. Here at North Hill Sewer & Drain, we offer professional pipe bursting service in Milton to help you restore smooth service to your home.

Discover how the process works below and how to contact us today if you’re ready to discuss your options.

How Does This Work?

This method of replacing or repairing your existing pipes works by never disturbing the ground where they are laid in the first place. How? Since the infrastructure is already in place, the equipment will be utilized as an outline and guide for the new pipes to be put in.

Basically, your technician will utilize equipment that busts up the old pipe and shifts it out into the ground around it. Once that is removed, the new pipe is then fed through the outline of the system. You can even adjust for a slightly bigger pipe system if the one you have isn’t quite large enough.

Advantages of Pipe Bursting

You enjoy multiple advantages as the homeowner. These include:

  • Minimal disturbance to the yard and landscape around your home
  • Easy way to replace pipes and increase size as needed
  • Save money on having to restore your yard

If you have more questions or want to discuss your options for pipe bursting service in Milton, be sure to contact the experts today at (206) 202-3280. We’re here to help you discover if this is right for your home and the replacement of your pipes.

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