Re-Piping & Pipe Lining Repair Service Milton

While you may always maintain your plumbing system as best as you can, there will come a time when pipes need to be replaced. Choosing what method can seem overwhelming. That’s why the experts here at North Hill Sewer & Drain want to help! We offer various replacement services for your home plumbing, including re-piping & pipe lining repair service in Milton-Burien. Discover more information below about each option and see how the expert techs here can help.

What is Re-Piping?

In basic terms, this is the process by which we replace your current older pipes with newer ones made of materials that last much longer. On homes built in the ’70s, this is a great addition as it helps to remove issues that your older galvanized pipes have. This removes the rusted pipes in place, and we utilize copper material pipes to serve you better.

Pipe Lining

Another way we can help repair your current problem is by lining the pipes with epoxy. This utilizes the pipes that are already in place but provides a new interior lining to stop leaks and corrosion from happening. This option is best for those who need repairs on piping that is not made out of galvanized material.

Which Option Works For You?

When you require new pipes, it’s best to discuss these options with one of our experts. They’ll evaluate your home system, determine the best route to take, and provide you with a fully outlined estimate. We always strive to give you the best, budget-friendly option for your current plumbing needs.

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