One of the most common ailments that plague homeowners in their bathrooms is the toilet. Whether it is clogged or needs replacement, it is important to have a professional on your side. That’s where the licensed, insured, and bonded experts at North Hill Sewer & Drain come into play. We offer toilet unclogging, installation & replacement service in Milton.

Got a Clog?
Keeping your toilet running smoothly at all times is necessary for the everyday use of your home. If a toilet is backed up, it can cause water or even sewage to come into the home via other drains. It also prevents you from using your bathroom at home. If you know you’re working with a clog, call in the experts.

The repair techs will arrive at your home with the tools needed to quickly and efficiently clear the clog. While some people use drain cleaners, we don’t advise that you pour those items into the system. This is because it can damage your pipes and also won’t clear out the clog completely. Allow the experts to come to clear out the clog, protect your pipes, and get everything running as it should.

Need a New Toilet?
You’re in the right place for that as well! The installation technicians here can help you choose the right toilet to upgrade your current system. Whether it’s a broken-down unit beyond repair or want to upgrade to a low-flow system, we can help. With affordable rates and expert installation, you’ll be enjoying your new toilet addition in no time.

If you require toilet unclogging, installation & replacement service in Milton, be sure to call in the team that has been helping residents for years, North Hill Sewer & Drain. You can reach an expert today by calling (206) 202-3280 for more information.

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