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As a homeowner, you may love the tall, towering trees, shrubs, and beautifully landscaped plants around your yard. While they are lovely, they also can be dangerous to your pipe system. You must call in the experts at North Hill Sewer & Drain when it comes to root-infested pipe repair in Des Moines-Burien.

With a team of licensed, trained, and insured techs on your side, you can easily find root treatment that will help minimize any further damage to your sewer lines. Check out the information we provide below, or call us today to learn more!

Are Roots the Problem?

If you’re not sure that roots are your issue, there are a few signs to pay attention to. One of those signs is that your drains will move slower and slower. When water is draining from your sink or tubs, it will seem to take forever. While it can be a clog in the system, roots can also cause this to occur.

Another sign to watch for includes gurgling noises whenever you use the toilet or have the drains working. It can be alerting you that there’s an issue further in the system.

Getting Rid of Roots

There are several ways roots can be removed from your lines. These include options such as:

  • Auger – One option is a snake or auger machine that runs through the lines removing the roots. While this can make a path for your drains, it isn’t always the best as it doesn’t completely clear the lines.
  • Hydrojet – This powerful water jet can push through, clearing debris and roots from the lines.
  • Crystals – Utilizing copper sulfate crystals can help to remove the roots. It will ward off any roots that are approaching the lines as well.

In some instances, re-piping is the only way to go depending on the amount of damage already done to the system. If you feel you require root-infested pipe repair in Des Moines-Burien, call the office at (206) 202-3280 to learn more.

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