Edmonds Area Kitchen Remodel Plumbing Services

Edmonds Area Kitchen Remodel Plumbing Services

Edmonds Area Kitchen Remodel Plumbing Services

Remodeling any portion of your Edmonds home can be a massive undertaking, especially in your kitchen, where plumbing is a big factor. Even if you are used to DIY projects, hiring professionals for your kitchen remodel plumbing is always better. North Hill Sewer & Drain is here to help ensure everything goes as smoothly as possible.

Your Plumbing and Kitchen Remodeling

Minor renovations, or those that focus on aesthetics, can often be done without touching the plumbing. However, any major remodeling in the kitchen will likely involve moving the plumbing features around. These are just some of the things in a kitchen reno that calls for plumbing professionals:

  • Adding in new plumbing features, such as a pot filler
  • Changing up the kitchen layout if it involves a sink position change
  • Moving the positioning of appliances like the dishwasher
  • Adding in a new water-using appliance
  • Upgrading appliances such as refrigerators with a built-in water or ice dispenser

Designing a Kitchen with Plumbing in Mind

As you determine the layout of your new kitchen and positioning for all appliances and features, it is wise to keep the plumbing in mind to make it easier in the future. For example, when adding a new sink, you may want to consider going with a larger size. New sinks call for plumbing it in while replacing an old one will mean you can still use the older lines. You can choose bigger and better for more space now rather than wishing you did it years from now.

Consulting with North Hill Sewer & Drain ensures you have all processes to handle anything that may arise. Even when none of your plumbing has to get moved, it is worth having skilled technicians inspect and test everything before renovation.

Professionals should always handle your Edmonds kitchen remodel plumbing—call (206) 202-3280 to schedule a consultation with North Hill Sewer & Drain.

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