Is Your Issaquah Property Ready For Sewer Replacement?

Is Your Issaquah Property Ready For Sewer Replacement?

Is Your Issaquah Property Ready For Sewer Replacement?

If you constantly have drain problems, a sewer issue could be underneath the ground. Clogs and poor drainage can often be fixed with a routine drain cleaning, but sometimes something more serious is needed. It may have gotten to the point that you need sewer replacement in Issaquah. North Hill Sewer & Drain is here to help.

Here are some tips that can be an indication that you may need your sewer lines replaced:

Ongoing Plumbing Problems

If you have been having plumbing issues for quite some time, it often means you have serious problems with the lines. This can happen in older sewer lines. Age can be a good indication of whether to repair or replace the sewer lateral lines. If your house is over 50, it might be time to get new sewer lines in the ground.

Clogs That Just Won’t Quit

Clogged drains and backed-up toilets typically come from toilet paper, feminine products, or paper towels. If your toilet is still clogging up and you are doing nothing wrong, the lines could have a problem. Food, grease, and hair are other big issues for drains.

Water Where It Shouldn’t Be

Water should not be backing up in your toilets or sinks. A mainline clog can cause this, along with pooling water in the basement. Your tub should not back up into the sink, and toilet water should not be entering the shower.

Tree Root Damage

Roots are a significant cause of sewer line damage. Tree roots can reach further than you think and cause severe damage.

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